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Characterization of nanocomposite coatings on textiles: a brief review on Microscopic technology
Current microscopy contributions to advances in science and technology (2012)
  • Mazeyar P. Gashti, University of Bern
  • Farbod Alimohammadi, Islamic Azad University-South Tehran Branch
  • Guowen Song, University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • Amir Kiumarsi, Institute for Color Science and Technology
There has been an increasing consideration in nanotechnology during the present decade due to its enormous potential in applying and creating novel materials for enhanced properties and applications. Numerous studies were undertaken in improving the textiles and clothing properties and performances by applying nanocomposites. Microscopy technique which is a fundamental tool in nanotechnology has been widely employed for the investigation of particle size, size distribution and the homogeneity of nanocomposite coatings. This technique can also be used to investigate the properties of surface, thickness of applied nano layer, and/or 3D morphology of the surfaces. Current microscopy methods contain a vast majority of analysis that can be applied to characterize nanocomposite coatings on the textiles. These analyses includes scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, atomic force microscope, scanning probe microscope and laser scanning confocal microscope. In this chapter, approaches to develop nanocomposite coating on textile materials are summarized and microscopy methods and analysis conducted by researchers to identify and determine the surface properties of nanocomposite coatings on the textile fibers are discussed. 
  • nanocomposites,
  • textile,
  • microscopic techniques
Publication Date
December, 2012
A. Mendez-Vilas
Formatex Research Center
(13): 978-84-939843-6-6
Publisher Statement
2012 Formatex Research Center. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
Mazeyar P. Gashti, Farbod Alimohammadi, Guowen Song and Amir Kiumarsi. "Characterization of nanocomposite coatings on textiles: a brief review on Microscopic technology" 5Badajoz, SpainCurrent microscopy contributions to advances in science and technology Vol. 2 (2012) p. 1424 - 1437
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