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Calling the Tune: Impact of Domestic Worker’s Earnings on Intra-Household Gender Relations
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  • Gul Ozyegin, College of William and Mary
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Book Chapter
Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
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Domestic Service and the Formation of European Identity: Understanding the Globalization of Domestic Work, 16th-21st Centuries
Peter Lang SA
Antoinette Fauve- Chamoux

Before the Servant Project began its activities, on the initiative of the editor of this book, the long term history of domestic service was still in its beginning stage. This volume is the first wide-ranging attempt to determine the role of domestic workers both in past and present times. Domestic service was of major importance in the multi-secular process of urbanization and socio-economic development of European societies. Today, domestic workers (mainly women) represent an important component of international labour migrations to Western countries. Instead of disappearing, as expected for a long time, paid domestic work is currently experiencing a kind of «resurgence».
The contributions assembled in this volume analyze the situation of domestic workers, and contribute to improve knowledge concerning their individual characteristics (gender, ethnic group, religion), origin, motivation and cultural identity, relationship with their own families and those of the employers. Further topics are connections with the home country and place of destination, legal status, rights and duties, in order to understand the current globalization of domestic work.

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Gul Ozyegin. "Calling the Tune: Impact of Domestic Worker’s Earnings on Intra-Household Gender Relations" (2005) p. 317 - 350
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