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An Improved Concept Selection Approach for Design Decision-Making
IIE Annual Conference (2008)
  • Chun-Yu Lin, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Saraj Gupta, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Gül E. Kremer, Iowa State University
Concept selection is a crucial stage in product design and development with various potential dire consequences
(e.g., loss of market share and diminishing profit). During this stage, decision makers need to determine the best
concept to optimize the product life cycle outcomes involving multiple criteria despite the inherent uncertainty of
the decision making context. In this study, we introduce data envelopment analysis (DEA) for the solution of this
multi-criteria concept selection problem. Four indices that are typically involved in concept selection problems are
defined and used as inputs for the DEA model. A fictitious case of selecting the best electrical toothbrush concept is solved by our approach to show its application. We also discuss the advantages and limitations of the proposed
concept selection method along with recommendations for future research.
  • Engineering Design,
  • Concept Selection,
  • Data Envelopment Analysis,
  • Design Decision Making
Publication Date
This is a proceeding published as Lin, Chun-yu, Saraj Gupta, and Gül E. Okudan. "An Improved Concept Selection Approach for Design Decision-Making." In IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings, p. 1706. Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), 2008. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
Chun-Yu Lin, Saraj Gupta and Gül E. Kremer. "An Improved Concept Selection Approach for Design Decision-Making" IIE Annual Conference (2008)
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