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Modular Design: A Review of Research and Industrial Applications
IIE Annual Conference (2007)
  • Saraj Gupta, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Gül E. Kremer, Iowa State University
Implementation of modularity as a tool for product development has become increasingly popular. Modularity helps
manufacturing firms in developing product variety at the shop floor with lower costs and shorter lead times. This
paper provides an overview on the benefits, drawbacks and expectations of product modularity, along with the
review of the design methods/tools that pertain to modular design. Overall, our review reveals that 1) most design
approaches seek to attain modularity during the detail design stage, and 2) while modularity has been implemented
in industry successfully, its science base has not been focused on until recently.
  • Modular design,
  • design for modularity methods and tools
Publication Date
This is a proceeding published as Gupta, Saraj, and Gül E. Okudan. "Modular design: A review of research and industrial applications." In IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings, p. 1563. Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), 2007. Posted with permission.
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Saraj Gupta and Gül E. Kremer. "Modular Design: A Review of Research and Industrial Applications" IIE Annual Conference (2007)
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