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A Comprehensive Methodology to Generate and Select Design Ideas
IIE Annual Conference (2010)
  • David Claudio
  • Joseph Chen
  • Gül E. Kremer, Iowa State University
There are many different methods for generating and selecting ideas to create a new design or improve an old one.
In general, researchers tend to focus on a limited set of aspects during the design process. This paper proposes a
complete methodology for creating a new design that starts from the customer needs assessment and end with the
final design. The methodology was created while designing a variable message sign mounting device. The proposed
methodology employs elements from existing customer assessment tools, concept generation methods, and concept
selection methods. We will show the usefulness of the method with a case study and present the final design that
resulted from the proposed methodology.
  • Design,
  • Concept Generation Methods,
  • Concept Selection Methods
Publication Date
This is a proceeding published as Claudio, David, Joseph Chen, and Gül E. Okudan. "A comprehensive methodology to generate and select design ideas." In IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings, p. 1. Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), 2010. Posted with permission.
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David Claudio, Joseph Chen and Gül E. Kremer. "A Comprehensive Methodology to Generate and Select Design Ideas" IIE Annual Conference (2010)
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