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About Guido Noto La Diega

I work as a postdoctoral research assistant in cloud computing law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies of the Queen Mary University of London (Cloud Legal Project and Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre). I hold a Ph.D. degree in private law and I am a commercial lawyer. I am "cultore della materia"​ of Private Law and Intellectual Property at the University of Palermo and I have been Visiting Scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law.
Author of a book and many essays mainly concerning Intellectual Property, Information and Communications Technologies Law, Internet Law, Robot Law, Property Law, Privacy and Data Protection, Commercial Law and Administrative Law, I am also the UK editor of the journal "Diritto Mercato Tecnologia"​ (Law Market Technology), and scientific board member of "Semina Scientiarum"​ (cross-disciplinary Polish journal on philosophy of science).
President of Ital-IoT (the first coworking-network of multidisciplinary research on the Internet of Things), I have joined the Society for Computers and Law, the Socio-Legal Studies Association,the Association for the Cultural Exchanges between Italian and German Jurists, and the British Italian Law Association.
Europol has recently invited me to join the Europol Data Protection Experts Network, as well as "Intellectual Property Crime"​.
Lately, I have been looking into Gender & Sexuality Law, therefore I have joined the Centre for Research on Law, Equality and Diversity and I am editorial board member of "GenIUS".
Currently, I am conducting interdisciplinary researche on the Internet of Things, e-Health and quantified self (fitness apps and wearables), whilst in my leisure time I am writing an essay on the axiological meaning of the privacy anabasis and an article on drones.
I am an anti-mafia activist and a migrants rights and LGBT rights advocate. In my spare time, I like to go hiking and biking; besides I have a passion for theatre and books.


Present Assistant Professor of Intellectual Property and Private Law, University of Palermo
Present Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Cloud Computing Law, Queen Mary University of London

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Internet of Things (1)

Surveilance, Security, Privacy, Competition (1)

Media Law, Censorship, Pornography, Liberalism (1)

Cloud computing, data protection, intellectual property (2)

Family Law, LGBT studies, Gender & Sexuality Law (1)

Robots and drones (1)