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Basic Income in 1848
Basic Income Studies (2007)
  • Guido Erreygers, University of Antwerp
  • John Cunliffe, University of Warwick
This note introduces a virtually unknown social constitution drafted in Brussels in 1848, in which an unconditional basic income figured prominently. We provide details on the historical and intellectual context in which the proposal originated, and briefly compare it with similar proposals of the same period. In the appendix, we present an English translation of the constitution.
  • history of basic income,
  • Belgium,
  • nineteenth century,
  • basic income,
  • universal welfare,
  • welfare policy,
  • welfare state,
  • welfare reform
Publication Date
February, 2007
Citation Information
Guido Erreygers and John Cunliffe. "Basic Income in 1848" Basic Income Studies Vol. 1 Iss. 2 (2007)
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