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Pediatric Reference Intervals for Soluble Transferrin Receptor and Transferrin Receptor-ferritin Index
World Journal of Pediatrics
  • Cara Lianne Ooi, University of Western Ontario
  • Nathalie Lepage, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, ON
  • Ed Nieuwenhuys, Sanquin Diagnostic Services, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Ajay Parkash Sharma, University of Western Ontario
  • Guido Filler, University of Western Ontario
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BACKGROUND: Recent studies showing an improved diagnosis of iron deficiency (ID) with soluble transferrin receptor (sTfR) and sTfR-ferritin index did not take into account the age-dependency of sTfR and ferritin. Moreover, there is a paucity of data on pediatric reference intervals for sTfR and sTfR-ferritin index.

METHODS: A study cohort of 436 apparently healthy children was analyzed to establish reference intervals for ferritin, transferrin, sTfR and sTfR-ferritin index. To account for age-dependency, standard deviation scores (Z-scores) for these markers were calculated. The association between these parameters and C-reactive protein (CRP) was analyzed.

RESULTS: The Z-scores of ferritin, transferrin and sTfR had a significant association with CRP, whereas the Z-score of sTfR-ferritin did not correlate with CRP. The reference intervals of these parameters were reported.

CONCLUSION: Among the different markers of ID, the Z-scores of sTfR, transferrin and ferritin, but not sTfR-ferritin index, associate with the inflammatory status.

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Cara Lianne Ooi, Nathalie Lepage, Ed Nieuwenhuys, Ajay Parkash Sharma, et al.. "Pediatric Reference Intervals for Soluble Transferrin Receptor and Transferrin Receptor-ferritin Index" World Journal of Pediatrics Vol. 5 Iss. 2 (2009) p. 122 - 126
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