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DON'T Thoese to care for your freeze dryer
da (2019)
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Put samples that aren't completely frozen into the freeze dryer
A sample must be completely frozen to be included in a lyophilization run. If it's not, a large volume of the sample will evaporate, thereby producing a high initial vapor load.
The vapors can then pass through the condenser and into the vacuum pump where they can do damage. Or, in worst-case scenarios, liquid could be sucked directly into the pump, causing even more damage.
Note that if a sample starts to melt back in-process, simply make adjustments so that is remains frozen or remove it from the system entirely.
Overload your freeze dryer
Overloading your freeze dryer can make sessions last longer or even cause them to be wholly unsuccessful. The vapor load that the condenser must accommodate is the greatest when a sample is first loaded.
The instantaneous load capacity rating is the quantity of vapor a freeze dryer can accommodate at one time. This is a different measurement than the ice holding capacity or the 24-hour collection rating.
When freeze drying multiple, large volumes, make sure the condenser temperature does not rise shortly after the sample is loaded. If this does happen, you are close to exceeding the instantaneous load capacity. In these instances, consider staggering the loading so samples are started at varying intervals.
Neglect maintenance
At the end of a run, it's easy to remove your completed samples and forget to defrost and drain the condenser—an act that not only lengthens the process for the next user but can also cause damage to the unit if done frequently.
Maintenance is important for vacuum pumps, too. Although it can be time consuming, changing the oil frequently is a must. Especially when there are multiple users of a single system, keeping a maintenance log of oil changes and compressor cleanings can help ensure none of these crucial tasks are neglected. More infoamtion about Lyophilization Equipment, please click
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