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About Gualtiero Piccinini

Gualtiero Piccinini works primarily in the philosophy of mind, with an eye to psychology, neuroscience, and computer science. His main current interests include computational theories of mind and the relation between psychology and neuroscience, consciousness, and intentionality. In 2003, he graduated from the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Between 2003 and 2005, he was a James S. McDonnell postdoctoral research fellow in the philosophy-neuroscience-psychology program at Washington University in St. Louis. Since 2005, he is a member of the Philosophy Department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  In 2009, he joined the Center for Neurodynamics at UM-St. Louis. In 2010, he also joined the Psychology Department at UM-St. Louis. 

His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Charles Babbage Institute, the Andrew Mellon Foundation, the University of Missouri Research Board, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and the Regione Sardegna. His articles have been published in journals such as Cognitive Science, Philosophers’ Imprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophy of Science, British Journal for Philosophy of Science, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, Journal of Biological Physics, Neural Networks, Synthese, and the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.


Present Associate Director, University of Missouri-St. Louis Center for Neurodynamics
Present Curators' Distinguished Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis Department of Philosophy
2015 Affiliate, University of Missouri-St. Louis Department of Gender Studies
2015 Visiting Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
2011 Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem ‐ Institute for Advanced Studies
2007 - 2009 Visiting Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Torino ‐ SCUDO
2003 - 2005 James S. McDonnell Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis ‐ Program in Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Psychology
2002 - 2003 Fellow, Charles Babbage Institute
2001 - 2002 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh

Curriculum Vitae


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Professional Service and Affiliations

2005 - 2012 Founder, The Brain Blog
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Honors and Awards

  • K. Jon Barwise Prize, American Philosophical Association and the APA Committee on Philosophy and Computers, 2018
  • Herbert A. Simon Award, International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP), 2014
  • Outstanding Paper Presentation, Grad Expo, University of Pittsburgh, 2001
  • Doctoral Scholarship, Regione Sardegna, 1995-2001


  • Philosophy of Science
  • Problem Solving: How Science Works
  • Magic, Medicine, and Science
  • Current Controversies in Cognitive Science: Computational Theories of Mind and Brain
  • Current Controversies in Cognitive Science: Intentionality
  • Computation and Nature
  • Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Mental Content
  • Ethics and the Computer
  • Minds, Brains, and Machines
  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • Topics in History and Philosophy of Science: Mechanisms and Functions
  • Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Consciousness
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Metaphysics
  • Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Fodor, Churchland, Heil
  • Topics in the Philosophy of Mind: Concepts
  • Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Physicalism, Dualism, and the Afterlife
  • Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Physicalism, Dualism, and the Afterlife
  • Science vs. God
  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science: Computation and Cognition
  • Existentialism and Phenomenology
  • Topics in Philosophy in Mind: Explaining Cognition
  • Topics in the Philosophy of Mind: Current Controversies in Philosophy of Mind
  • Theories of Knowledge


2003 PhD, University of Pittsburgh
1994 BA, Università di Torino

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