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Unpublished Paper
Administration of Team-Based Senior Capstone Course: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Conference Proceedings and Presentations
  • Gretchen A. Mosher, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
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2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting
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July 26–29, 2015
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Senior capstone courses provide an important mechanism for students to integrate and apply technical knowledge and skills they have acquired in previous coursework. Additionally, students are required to master a variety of professional skills, including teamwork, unstructured task completion, and project management to facilitate successful completion of a capstone course. Faculty also play an important role in the success of capstone courses. Sourcing and grading projects are common challenges for instructors. This paper will outline the challenges and best practices learned in the development and implementation of a senior-level capstone course in agricultural engineering technology, based on qualitative data gathered over several years. Specifically, strategies for defining, assigning, managing, and assessing projects will be emphasized.

This proceeding is from 2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting, Paper No. 152162359, pages 1-6 (doi: 10.13031/aim.20152162359). St. Joseph, Mich.: ASABE.

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American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
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Gretchen A. Mosher. "Administration of Team-Based Senior Capstone Course: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges" New Orleans, LA, United States(2015)
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