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Cloture Reform and Party Government in the Senate, 1918 to 1925
Journal of Politics (2006)
  • Gregory Koger, University of Miami

Why does filibustering persist in the U.S. Senate? This article analyzes senators' preferences toward majority cloture from 1918 to 1925, a crucial period in Senate history. I find that majority party members were more likely to support stricter cloture rules, but support for cloture reform diminished within both parties for senators far from the party median. I find little evidence that support or opposition to cloture reform was linked to seniority, prior House experience, legislative activism, or state size. These findings are consistent with the micro-level claims of conditional party government theory.

  • Filibustering,
  • Senate,
  • Cloture Reform,
  • Conditional Party Government
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Gregory Koger. "Cloture Reform and Party Government in the Senate, 1918 to 1925" Journal of Politics Vol. 68 (2006)
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