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About Gregory Stump

I am a professor of linguistics at the University of Kentucky. I received my PhD in linguistics from the Ohio State University in 1981. In recent years, my research has focused on the theory of inflectional morphology. In a series of publications, I have argued for an inferential-realizational theory of inflectional morphology known as Paradigm Function Morphology. Together with Raphael Finkel, I have argued for a novel approach to morphological typology based on the implicative patterns in a language's inflectional paradigms. I have served as review editor for the journal "Language" and currently serve as co-editor of the journal "Word Structure".


Present Professor of Linguistics, University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences

Research Interests

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University of Kentucky
College of Arts and Sciences
1365 Patterson Office Tower
120 Patterson Drive
Lexington 40506-0027

(859) 257-1184


Paradigm function morphology (7)

Paradigm-based approach to morphological typology (2)

Computational models of inflectional morphology (1)

Morphological theory (5)

Indo-Iranian languages (3)

Morphosyntax (4)

Formal semantics (3)