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Drinking style and dating violence in a sample of urban, alcohol-using youth
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (2011)
  • E. F. Rothman
  • Gregory Lyal Stuart
  • P. E. Greenbaum
  • T. Heeren
  • D. Bowen
  • R. Vinci
  • A. Baughman
  • J. Bernstein
Objective: This study examined childhood abuse, problem behavior, drinking style, and dating violence (DV). Our goal was to assess whether (a) alcohol use–related beliefs and behaviors ("drinking style") would be associated with DV perpetration and victimization, (b) drinking style would mediate the relationship between childhood abuse and DV, and (c) the drinking style–DV relationship would be attributable to propensity for problem behavior. Method: Cross-sectional survey data were collected from 456 youth ages 14–21 years who were patients in an urban emergency department. Participants were eligible if they were unmarried and reported past-month alcohol use and dating in the past year. By design, the sample was 50% female. Data were analyzed using structural equation modeling. Results: For both males and females, past-year DV was associated with a more risky drinking style, characterized by more frequent alcohol use, alcohol-aggression expectancies, drinking to cope, and beliefs that alcohol is disinhibiting and that being drunk provides a "time-out" from behavioral expectations. Drinking style mediated the childhood victimization–DV relationship for males and females. However, when propensity for problem behavior was included in the model, the effect of drinking style on DV was no longer significant. Substantial path differences for males and females were observed. Conclusions: The current study examined adolescent drinking style as a potential mediator between childhood victimization and DV. Drinking style was associated with DV for males and females and mediated the relationship between childhood victimization and DV. The relationship between drinking style and DV appeared to reflect adolescents' propensity for problem behavior. Variations in males' and females' pathways to DV were observed. The implications of these findings are discussed. (J. Stud. Alcohol Drugs, 72, 555–566, 2011)
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E. F. Rothman, Gregory Lyal Stuart, P. E. Greenbaum, T. Heeren, et al.. "Drinking style and dating violence in a sample of urban, alcohol-using youth" Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs Vol. 72 Iss. 4 (2011)
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