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Prevention of intimate partner violence in substance using populations
Substance Use and Misuse (2009)
  • J. R. Temple
  • Gregory Lyal Stuart
  • T. J. O'Farrell
Although the prevention of intimate partner violence is a major public health priority for the United States, little is known about how to prevent this form of violence. The strong cross-sectional and longitudinal association between substance misuse and partner violence suggests that substance-misusing populations may be an ideal audience for implementing partner violence prevention programs. This approach is reviewed from the perspective of universal, selective, and indicated prevention programs. doi:10.1080/10826080902961377
  • intimate partner violence,
  • substance misuse,
  • prevention
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J. R. Temple, Gregory Lyal Stuart and T. J. O'Farrell. "Prevention of intimate partner violence in substance using populations" Substance Use and Misuse Vol. 44 Iss. 9-10 (2009)
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