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Returning to the Sources: The Literature of Christian Librarianship
Association of Christian Librarians (2009)
  • Gregory A Smith
By definition, a research study explores new intellectual territory yet builds on previous inquiry that has led up to it. However, many sources that explore the connections between Christian faith and the information professions fail to acknowledge the existence of prior discourse on the subject. The author has assembled a database of more than 450 sources that discuss topics such as philosophy and ethics of librarianship from a Christian perspective; the mediation of Christian/religious information in various library contexts; Christian, religious, and theological publishing; and more. Insights from these sources can help readers develop professionally and engage in productive dialogue about the integration of Christian faith and library practice. This presentation includes a case study regarding source acknowledgment in works that discuss the inclusion of creationist literature in library collections. It profiles the author’s database, describing its media types, dates, subject matter, and more. Finally, it describes key database search techniques.
  • libraries,
  • librarianship,
  • Christianity,
  • religion,
  • theology,
  • bibliography,
  • creationist literature,
  • information
Publication Date
June 11, 2009
A presentation made at the annual conference of the Association of Christian Librarians, Evangel University, Springfield, MO, 11 June 2009. The PDF file contains the conference notebook insert (pp. 1-4), a handout distributed during the workshop (pp. 5-6), and the presenter's notes (pp. 7-10).
Citation Information
Gregory A Smith. "Returning to the Sources: The Literature of Christian Librarianship" Association of Christian Librarians (2009)
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