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Academic Libraries in Transition: Current Trends, Future Prospects
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  • Gregory A Smith, Liberty University
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Published in The Christian Librarian [U.S.A.] 49, no. 2 (2006): 101-108, 110-116. For more information about The Christian Librarian, follow this link:
Academic libraries are in transition because of changes in the context of higher education. Changes in the world of information are even more radical: the displacement of paper, the primacy of the search engine, the emergence of the digital lifestyle, and innovative patterns of scholarly communication. Decreasing reliance on local collections is transforming the library as a physical destination. Traditional measures of library success have begun to be replaced. Given the superiority of other information professionals' data management skills, the role of academic librarians will shift toward the enablement of learning. This environment of upheaval will pose both opportunities and challenges for academic librarians.
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Gregory A Smith. "Academic Libraries in Transition: Current Trends, Future Prospects" (2006)
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