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Negotiation in Channels of Distribution: Conditions, Behavior, and Outcomes
Journal of Marketing Channels
  • Gregory E. Osland, Butler University
  • Lloyd M. Rhinehart
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A model of the negotiation process is developed and tested on a sample of motor carriers that provide contractual service in distribution channels. The result indicate that expectation of continuity in a channel relationship leads to cooperative negotiating behavior. This cooperative (integrative) negotiating behavior, in turn, results in mutually beneficial outcomes. In addition, perceived dependence has a weak effect on negotiating behavior and outcomes. Managers are advised about conditions and outcomes of the use of both cooperative and arms-length negotiating strategies.
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Gregory E. Osland and Lloyd M. Rhinehart. "Negotiation in Channels of Distribution: Conditions, Behavior, and Outcomes" Journal of Marketing Channels Vol. 3 Iss. 2 (1993) p. 53 - 78
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