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Viscoelastic Properties of a Bent and Straight Dimeric Liquid Crystal
  • Gregory A. DiLisi, John Carroll University
  • Charles Rosenblatt
  • Anselm C. Griffin
  • Eugene M. Terentjev
Absolute values for the elastic constants and viscosities are reported in the nematic phase for two dimers based upon the monomer 4.4'-dipentyloxyphenylbenzoate. One dimer has an even number of methylene units in the spacer and, in consequence, is approximately straight in the all-trans conformation. The other dimer has one less methylene unit, and is therefore bent. We find that the ratio K33/K11 for the odd dimer is reduced relative to that for the even member of the series. Moreover, we find that the absolute elastic constants for the odd dimer are of order one-half that of the even dimer. The system is analyzed in terms of recent theories by Terentjev, Rosenblatt, and Petschek, and by Terentjev and Petschek, with results in reasonable agreement with experiment.
Publication Date
May, 1993
Citation Information
Gregory A. DiLisi, Charles Rosenblatt, Anselm C. Griffin and Eugene M. Terentjev. "Viscoelastic Properties of a Bent and Straight Dimeric Liquid Crystal" JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE II Vol. 3 Iss. 5 (1993)
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