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Secrets of Successful Short Grant Applications
Western Journal of Nursing Research
  • Patricia S. Groves, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Susan M. Rawl, Indiana University - Indianapolis
  • Mary E. Wurzbach, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
  • Nancy Fahrenwald, South Dakota State University
  • Marlene Z. Cohen, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Donna O. McCarthy, Marquette University
  • Julie Zerwic, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Barbara Given, Michigan State University
  • Donna L. Algase, University of Toledo
  • Gregory L. Alexander, University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Vicki Conn, University of Missouri - Columbia
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18 p.
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SAGE Publications
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doi: 10.1177/0193945911410278
Nursing doctoral programs prepare students for research-focused careers within academic settings. The purpose of this Editorial Board Special Article is to provide PhD students and advisors with suggestions for making the most of their doctoral experience. Editorial Board members provide their individual insights on the skills and attributes students must acquire during the course of their doctoral education in order to succeed. The authors provide practical tips and advice on how to excel in a PhD program, including how to select an advisor and a dissertation committee, the importance of attending conferences to increase visibility and develop a network of colleagues, presenting and publishing research while still a student, and balancing work and personal life. Students who take full advantage of the opportunities available to them during the course of their doctoral programs will graduate well prepared to take on the multiple responsibilities of research, teaching, and leadership.

Western Journals of Nursing Research, Vol. 34, No. 1 (February 2012): 6-23. DOI.

Donna McCarthy was affiliated with the Ohio State University at the time of publication.

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Patricia S. Groves, Susan M. Rawl, Mary E. Wurzbach, Nancy Fahrenwald, et al.. "Secrets of Successful Short Grant Applications" Western Journal of Nursing Research (2012) ISSN: 0193-9459
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