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Eight Nonhost Weed Species of Heterodera glycines in Iowa
Plant Disease
  • A. T. S. Wong
  • G. L. Tylka, Iowa State University
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The ability of the soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) to reproduce on eight weed species commonly occurring in Iowa was evaluated in greenhouse and field microplot experiments. Population densities of the nematode increased on H. g/ycines-susceptible soybean but not on H. g/ycines-resistant soybean, Canada thistle, cocklebur, eastern black nightshade, giant foxtail, lambsquarters, redroot pigweed, velvetleaf, and wild sunflower. All of the weeds evaluated were nonhosts of this H. glycines race 3 population.

This article is published as Wong, A. T. S., and Tylka, G. L. 1994. Eight nonhost weed species of Heterodera glycines in Iowa. Plant Disease 78:365-367. Posted with permission.

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A. T. S. Wong and G. L. Tylka. "Eight Nonhost Weed Species of Heterodera glycines in Iowa" Plant Disease Vol. 78 Iss. 4 (1994) p. 365 - 367
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