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The Relation of FR Behaviour to AAI Scales
Psychology Presentations
  • Elspeth M. Evans, University of Western Ontario
  • Sandi Bento, University of Western Ontario
  • David R. Pederson, University of Western Ontario
  • Greg Moran, University of Western Ontario
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Attachment theory describes the bonds between caregivers and children that serve a protective function for children.

The FR theory developed by Main and Hesse (1990) proposes that unmonitored parental behaviour, or frightened, frightening and dissociative (FR) behaviour, stemming from a history of Unresolved/disoriented (U/d) trauma, disorganizes the attachment relationship.

The parent is a source of fear and is thus unavailable as a source of safety and protection.

Presented at The International Conference on Infant Studies, in Vancouver, B.C. in May 2008.
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Elspeth M. Evans, Sandi Bento, David R. Pederson and Greg Moran. "The Relation of FR Behaviour to AAI Scales" (2008)
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