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Disorganized Attachment and Mother-Toddler Interactive Behavior in a Problem-Solving Task
Psychology Presentations
  • Lindsey M. Forbes, University of Western Ontario
  • Carey Anne De Oliveira, Child and Parent Resource Institute, London, Ontario
  • Greg Moran, University of Western Ontario
  • David R. Pederson, University of Western Ontario
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PURPOSE: To examine emotional and behavioral regulation and Disorganized attachment at 24-months in a high-risk sample of adolescent mother-toddler dyads.

RESULTS: Disorganization was associated with 1)increased toddler negativity and a lower quality of experience and 2)decreased levels of maternal support and assistance during the problem-solving tasks.

CONCLUSION: These findings offer converging support for the suggestion that Disorganized dyads experience marked difficulties in emotional and behavioral regulation.

Poster presented at Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Boston, Massachusetts in March 2007.
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Lindsey M. Forbes, Carey Anne De Oliveira, Greg Moran and David R. Pederson. "Disorganized Attachment and Mother-Toddler Interactive Behavior in a Problem-Solving Task" (2007)
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