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Quest for COSMOS submillimeter galaxy counterparts using CARMA and VLA: Identifying three high-redshift starburst galaxies
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series (2012)
  • V. Smolčić
  • F. Navarrete
  • M. Aravena
  • O. Ilbert
  • M. S. Yun
  • K. Sheth
  • M. Salvato
  • H. J. McCracken
  • Diener C.
  • I. Aretxaga
  • D. A. Riechers
  • A. Finoguenov
  • F. Bertoldi
  • P. Capak
  • D. Hughes
  • A. Karim
  • E. Schinnerer
  • N. Z. Scoville
  • Grant Wilson, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

We report on interferometric observations at 1.3 mm at 2"-3" resolution using the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA). We identify multi-wavelength counterparts of three submillimeter galaxies (SMGs; F(1mm)>5.5 mJy) in the COSMOS field, initially detected with MAMBO and AzTEC bolometers at low, ~10"-30", resolution. All three sources -- AzTEC/C1, Cosbo-3 and Cosbo-8 -- are identified to coincide with positions of 20 cm radio sources. Cosbo-3, however, is not associated with the most likely radio counterpart, closest to the MAMBO source position, but that further away from it. This illustrates the need for intermediate-resolution (~2") mm-observations to identify the correct counterparts of single-dish detected SMGs. All of our three sources become prominent only at NIR wavelengths, and their mm-to-radio flux based redshifts suggest that they lie at redshifts z>~2. As a proof of concept, we show that photometric redshifts can be well determined for SMGs, and we find photometric-redshifts of 5.6+/-1.2, 1.9+0.9(-0.5), and ~4 for AzTEC/C1, Cosbo-3, and Cosbo-8, respectively. Using these we infer that these galaxies have radio-based star formation rates of >~1000 Msol/yr, and IR luminosities of ~10^13 Lsol consistent with properties of high-redshift SMGs. In summary, our sources reflect a variety of SMG properties in terms of redshift and clustering, consistent with the framework that SMGs are progenitors of z~2 and today's passive galaxies.

  • galaxies: fundamental parameters,
  • galaxies: active,
  • evolution,
  • cosmology: obser,
  • vations,
  • radio continuum: galaxies
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This paper was harvested from and ArXiv identifier is arXiv:1203.5542
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V. Smolčić, F. Navarrete, M. Aravena, O. Ilbert, et al.. "Quest for COSMOS submillimeter galaxy counterparts using CARMA and VLA: Identifying three high-redshift starburst galaxies" Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series (2012)
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