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The Impact of Early Voting on Turnout: The 1994 Elections in Tennessee
State & Local Government Review
  • Lillard E. Richardson, Jr., University of Missouri
  • Grant W. Neeley, University of Dayton
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For both election officials and scholars, there are several questions about early voting that remain unanswered. How does the implementation of early voting affect voters' use of early voting opportunities? Furthermore, when controlling for other factors, such as demographic characteristics, does early voting have an impact on overall turnout in the election? To answer these questions, we examined the Tennessee experience with early voting, administered for the first time in 1994. We utilized several sources of information: a survey of all 95 county election officials in the state of Tennessee; voting records from the Division of Elections; and census data. After discussing early voting and Tennessee's implementation of it, we present the data, methods, and results of our analysis of early voting.

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Lillard E. Richardson and Grant W. Neeley. "The Impact of Early Voting on Turnout: The 1994 Elections in Tennessee" State & Local Government Review Vol. 28 Iss. 3 (1996)
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