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Weak Calf Syndrome in Beef Cattle Herds
  • Grant A. Dewell, Iowa State University
  • Steve Ensley, Iowa State University
  • Vickie Cooper, Iowa State University

Weak calf syndrome (WCS) is a herd problem. It typically describes calves that are born alive, but lack normal vigor. As a result, many of these calves die shortly after birth. Affected calves often cannot stand or nurse by themselves. It is difficult to correct a WCS problem during the current calving season once it has been identified. In most cases, there are multiple factors contributing to WCS during gestation including suboptimal dam nutrition, mineral deficiencies, and infectious diseases.

  • Cattle,
  • Weak Calves,
  • Nutrition
Publication Date
September, 2014
Citation Information
Grant A. Dewell, Steve Ensley and Vickie Cooper. "Weak Calf Syndrome in Beef Cattle Herds" (2014)
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