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About Adjunct Associate Professor Graham Jones

BTech(Bradford), MSc(Wales), PhD(JCU)

Academic Career
My academic career at university spans over 23 years starting at James Cook University as the Foundation Lecturer in Marine Chemistry in 1988. During my research career I have supervised 67 undergraduate and postgraduate research students and produced over 100 publications, conference papers and reports in human impact and climate change science. I am a member of several national and international committees and a journal reviewer of many leading international journals, and regularly review grant applications from ARC Discovery, NSF (US), NERC (UK) and the Dutch Polar Research Committee.
Citations of 72 published journal articles, many of which are in A and A* listed journals, is 1948 and I have an h-Index of 24 and i10 index of 35.
Associate Professor Graham Jones carries out research on the biogeochemistry of sulphur aerosol substances produced by microalgae present in corals, ocean phytoplankton and sea ice algae. These sulphur produced substances have an important effect on global and regional climate since they are oxidised in the atmosphere to cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), which significantly affect incoming solar radiation, sea surface temperatures and cloud droplet concentration. Research carried out over the last 16 years has shown that the Southern Ocean, Antarctic Sea Ice Zone and coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef produce huge amounts of these sulphur aerosols. Present research is focussed on:(1)Measuring the production of atmospheric DMS over Heron Island Reef (with PhD student Hilton Swan).
(2)Assessing how atmospheric DMS is converted to aerosol nannoparticles and CCN with researchers from QUT and the University of Finland.
(3) Assessing how intracellular concentrations of DMS in Acropora coral is affected by stress (e.g. increased SSTs, light, tidal exposure, reduced salinity, increased CO2 concentrations) and whether intracellular concentrations of DMS (O)(P) in coral function as antioxidants (with PhD student Elizabeth Deschaseaux).
(4) Assessing the importance of these sulphur substances in the Southern Ocean with researchers from the Australian Antarctic Division and the Antarctic CRC (ACE-Antarctic-Climate –Ecosystems).


Present Adjunct Associate Professor, Southern Cross University School of Environment, Science and Engineering

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