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About Graeme Cocks

Dr Graeme Cocks has had a wide-ranging career in executive management. His particular areas of expertise include strategic planning and operations management, process analysis, project management, performance measurement, technology transfer, business integration and change management.
Graeme has worked for organisations such as Drake International in performance improvement, change management and outsourcing projects. His role as General Manager Operations with the Australian Quality Council during 1993 to 1998 involved national responsibility for the delivery all of the Council's products and services based on the Australian Business Excellence Framework. While CEO of the Technology Transfer Council, Graeme was part of the team that successfully pioneered the introduction of just-in-time systems and value-adding management concepts into more than 200 Australian organisations.
Graeme has also enjoyed a successful consulting career, with clients including ICI (UK), Telstra, Olin Corporation (USA) and Canada Westinghouse. He is cited consistently in publications such as Who's Who in Business in Australia, Who's Who in the World and Men of Achievement. He recently co-authored one of Australia's most popular management books The First X1: Winning Organisations in Australia, that identified the key success factors in 11 highly successful organisations in Australia. He has published over 50 articles in international scientific and management journals and presented more than 100 conference papers and lectures on research findings, management practices and process management.


Present Principle Fellow - Strategic & Operations Management, Melbourne Business School


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