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Revealing the effectivenesses of communication strategies
Chaoyang University (2013)
  • Grace Hui Chin Lin

The purpose of this study is to report the history of communication strategy and highlight the importance of strategic competence. It provides the histories and characterizations of communication strategy. Besides, it presents from which perspectives these definitions of communication strategies were developed. Various earlier and latter taxonomies in the field of communication strategy are introduced. Moreover, ten examples of cultural terminologies provided by Taiwanese university students engaged with a long-term research project the researcher had conducted previously, will demonstrate the effectiveness and usages of communication strategies. This study should be valuable because contributed to assisting adult learners in approaching a short cut to fluent English communication. More importantly, this study not only proved the effectiveness of communication strategies, but also it contributed the typical examples to the field workers of strategic communication.

  • strategic competence,
  • communication strategy,
  • cultural terminologies,
  • classifications,
  • qualitative study
Publication Date
Spring May 20, 2013
Citation Information
Grace Hui Chin Lin. "Revealing the effectivenesses of communication strategies" Chaoyang University (2013)
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