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An Introduction to English Teaching
  • Grace Hui Chin Lin
  • Paul Shih Chieh Chien, National Taiwan University

Teaching English became a professional and academic field a half century ago. Many researches for teacher education and teacher training have been conducted in order to raise the English teachers’ as well as the foreign language teachers’ knowledge and capabilities in carrying out effective lessons in classrooms of English learning. During second millennium of speedily globalized world, teaching English as a common communication tool has become even more significant than two decades ago. For introducing the history, teaching methodologies, and pedagogies of teaching English as a Second/ Foreign Language, this book is composed as a reference for English teachers. This book can be a study, which deals with the preparations and professional developments of English teachers, containing diverse ideologies for English teaching. Being an English teacher, based on your characteristic, you might be able to find appropriate pedagogies of teaching and interpretations for English teaching fitting your personality. At the same time, you will have an access to understand the other English teachers’ particular ways of teaching. Besides identifying the terms and types of Teaching English as a Second Language, or as a Foreign Language, this book explains to English teachers what are the general issues in the area of teaching English nowadays. The history of teaching English from the Ancient time to the beginning of our second millennium will be described. Traditionally, how English was originally taught, and alternatively how it was suggested in the present time will be mentioned. After reading this book, you should be able to acquire most of the important familiarities of the academic ground and updated theoretical foundations in the field of teaching English.

Publication Date
Spring 2009
Aniko Gal
Publisher Statement
The book published in VDM, Germany
Citation Information
Grace Hui Chin Lin and Paul Shih Chieh Chien. An Introduction to English Teaching. 1SaarbrückenVol. 1 (2009)
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