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Mastering Professional Responsibility
  • Grace M. Giesel
Any law student should have three goals in the study of professional responsibility. The short term goal, and the one law students usually have no trouble identifying, is mastering the subject so that the students will do well in the law school professional responsibility course. Second, most law students have, as a long-term goal, the practice of law. To accomplish this goal, generally one must be admitted to practice in a jurisdiction. Most jurisdictions require applicants to the bar to have achieved a certain score on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). Thus, a second goal of law students is mastering the subject matter so as to obtain the requisite score on the MPRE. Finally, all law students should have the goal of mastering the subject of professional responsibility in an effort to be ethical and competent lawyers for the duration of their professional lives.
            My goal with this book is to assist law students in these endeavors. This book is not a replacement for professional responsibility textbooks and classroom experience; it is a supplement to those vital elements of the study of professional responsibility. I attempt to discuss the rules and concepts clearly and concisely with reference to relevant case law and other authorities.
  • professional responsibility,
  • legal ethics
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Carolina Academic Press
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Grace M. Giesel. Mastering Professional Responsibility. Second Edition(2015)
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