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About Gordon C. Tucker

A vascular plant systematist, Dr. Tucker is a specialist on the sedge family. He serves as curator of the Stover-Ebinger Herbarium. He has strong interests in field botany and conducts inventories for the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources and other agencies. His teaching interests include Plant Taxonomy, Dendrology, Wetland and Aquatic Plants, Environmental Sciences, and Ethnobotany. He co-teaches a study abroad course, Ethnobotany in China, with Dr. Zhiwei Liu. He has recently published papers and monographs on the sedges of North America, China, and Brazil. He is a participant in the Flora of North America Association, serving as a family editor and board member. Current projects include studies of the Cyperaceae for the Flora of Nepal; a monograph of the Neotropical species of Cyperus; and, authorship of Caprifoliaceae and related families for the Flora of North America, with students and colleagues.


Present Professor, Eastern Illinois University Biological Sciences


Research Interests

Journal Articles (27)