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Law Library Collection Development in the Digital Age
  • Gordon R. Russell, Charleston School of Law
  • Michael G. Chiorazzi

While the digital revolution has touched every aspect of law librarianship, perhaps nowhere has the effect been more profound than in the area of collection development. Many of the materials law libraries traditionally collected in print form are now available in electronic format.

Digital technology has affected the way we select, order, and process legal materials. The World Wide Web has created an explosion of both commercial and private online publishing. The cost of electronic publishing has caused many traditional law book publishers to sell their companies rather than invest in the needed technologies to compete in the 21st century. Small publishers and book jobbers have been forced to reinvent themselves. The amount of legal information available and its costs continue to soar. Law Library Collection Development in the Digital Age deals with these and other issues related to law library collection development. Chapters range from the theoretical to the practical.

Publication Date
April, 2003
Haworth Information Press
Citation Information
Gordon R. Russell and Michael G. Chiorazzi. Law Library Collection Development in the Digital Age. Binghamton, NY(2003)
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