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Safety in the Chemistry Curriculum at Iowa State University
Educating for OSHA Savvy Chemists
  • Gordon J. Miller, Iowa State University
  • Paul Richmond, Iowa State University
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At Iowa State University we have developed and are continuing to design programs into our undergraduate and graduate curricula that will establish a sound practice of proper chemical hygiene in the laboratory. Our efforts include: (1) for all entering graduate students, an introductory graduate course to teach proper laboratory procedures and handling of chemicals; (2) for advanced graduate students, a chemistry safety committee which interacts with our university's EH&S department to learn about EPA and OSHA requirements so as to maintain a high level of safety awareness throughout our research labs; and (3) for our undergraduate introductory chemistry students, supplementary readings and prelaboratory quizzes designed with chemical safety in mind, e.g., waste handling procedures, first aid, MSDS's, and the use of safety equipment. The fundamental goals of our approach are not only to teach students appropriate safety measures, but also to involve them in the enforcement of basic prudent practices in the laboratory.

Reprinted (adapted) with permission from Chapter 10, pp 101–109 ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 700. Copyright 1998 American Chemical Society.

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American Chemical Society
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Gordon J. Miller and Paul Richmond. "Safety in the Chemistry Curriculum at Iowa State University" Educating for OSHA Savvy Chemists Vol. 700 (1998) p. 101 - 109
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