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Influence of Y substitutions on the magnetism of Gd5Ge4
Journal of Applied Physics
  • Durga Paudyal, Iowa State University
  • Yaroslav Mudryk, Iowa State University
  • Vitalij K. Pecharsky, Iowa State University
  • Sumohan Misra, Iowa State University
  • Gordon J. Miller, Iowa State University
  • Karl A. Gschneidner, Jr., Iowa State University
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The interrelation between the specific crystallographic positions and their influence on the magnetism of neighboring atoms is examined from first principles electronic structure calculations using the Gd5Ge4 compound as a model system. The predicted preferences of the specific occupations by nonmagnetic yttrium atoms and the resulting magnetism of substituted Gd5Ge4 have been confirmed, respectively, by single crystal x-ray diffraction and magnetization experiments.

The following article appeared in Journal of Applied Physics 107, 09A908 (2010); 1 and may be found at doi:10.1063/1.3349231.

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Durga Paudyal, Yaroslav Mudryk, Vitalij K. Pecharsky, Sumohan Misra, et al.. "Influence of Y substitutions on the magnetism of Gd5Ge4" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 107 Iss. 09A908 (2010) p. 1 - 4
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