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The intermetallic compound Gd6Ta4Al43
Acta Crystallographica Section E
  • Cathie L. Condron, Iowa State University
  • Joel D. Strand, Iowa State University
  • Paul C. Canfield, Iowa State University
  • Gordon J. Miller, Iowa State University
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The elements Gd (99.999%; Ames Laboratory), Ta (99.999%; Ames Laboratory), and Al (99.98%; Alfa) were combined in the atomic ratio Gd6Ta4Al100 in a 2 ml alumina crucible. The crucible was placed into a fused silica tube and a second crucible, filled with SiO2 wool, was placed inverted on top of the first. The tube was sealed under 1/5 atm Ar and placed into a box furnace. The mixture was heated to 1463 K in 3 h, kept at 1463 K for 2 h, and then cooled to 1173 K over 64 h. The reaction vessel was removed from the furnace at 1173 K, and the excess liquid was immediately decanted to isolate hexagonal prisms of the title compound.

This article is from Acta Crystallographica Section E 59 (2003): i147, doi:10.1107/S16005368030216. Posted with permission.

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International Union of Crystallography
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Cathie L. Condron, Joel D. Strand, Paul C. Canfield and Gordon J. Miller. "The intermetallic compound Gd6Ta4Al43" Acta Crystallographica Section E Vol. 59 Iss. 11 (2003) p. i147 - i148
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