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Chronic Pain Calls for Compassionate Listening
Engaging the Patient (2014)
  • Gonzalo Bacigalupe, University of Massachusetts Boston
Chronic pain, a persistent and recurrent pain not related to cancer pathology is common, about a quarter of us suffer it. Despite its dramatic impact on quality of life, it has a bad reputation. Patients are dissatisfied but health care providers are too. Opioids are often prescribed but just mentioning the word has negative undertones. The fear that patients will misuse them or are some sort of an addict leads to a further burden. Not only the patient has to suffer the physical pain and its emotional and psychological consequences but patients have to also endure a continuous suspicion about medical treatment.
Publication Date
Fall October 28, 2014
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Gonzalo Bacigalupe. "Chronic Pain Calls for Compassionate Listening" Engaging the Patient (2014)
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