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Newton Suicides: Is High-Achiever School Culture Breaking Our Kids?
WBUR CommonHealth (2014)
  • Gonzalo Bacigalupe, University of Massachusetts Boston
Dr. Gonzalo Bacigalupe is the president of the American Family Therapy Academy and a professor in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He’s also a Newton dad, and writes here about the need to address the toxic effects of high-stress school culture and its possible role in recent teen suicides. In Newton there have been three suicides in less than four months among our high school kids. To us, it feels like an epidemic. In general, the response of the school system has been to provide grief counselors plus meetings to air the sadness and share what the school is doing or plans to do in the future. Experts talk about suicide and psychological problems; they tell us, parents, what we already know: support your kids and be mindful of their mood and behaviors. The message: this is either a mental health problem or a parental issue.
  • suicides,
  • adolescence,
  • schools,
  • community
Publication Date
Winter February 17, 2014
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Gonzalo Bacigalupe. "Newton Suicides: Is High-Achiever School Culture Breaking Our Kids?" WBUR CommonHealth (2014)
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