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About Gomaa A.M. Ali

Gomaa A. M. Ali obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from Al-Azhar Univ., Fac. of Science. He has awarded his Ph.D. in Advanced Materials for Energy Storage from UMP, Malaysia. Dr. Gomaa works as Assistant Professor at Chemistry department- Faculty of Science- Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Dr. Gomaa has 24 published papers, 10 gold, platinum and diamond medals and  2 patents. He joined more than 7 intentional conferences and many workshops. Dr. Gomaa is a reviewer and editor of many journals.


Present Assistant Professor, Al-Azhar University - Egypt

Research Interests

Materials Science, Materials Science, Nanocomposite, Graphene, Carbon Nanoparticles, and Supercapacitors