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Medication Therapy Management, Challenges: The Pharmacist’s Emerging Role
Pharmacy Faculty Articles and Research
  • Parth D. Shah, Supratech Micropath Lab
  • Jeffery A. Goad, Chapman University
  • Edith Mirzaian, University of Essen Gesamthschule
  • Melissa Durham, University of Southern California
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"The pharmacist's role on the healthcare team has received much attention lately as the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare legislation creates opportunities for pharmacists. lnterprofessional collaboration will transform the way pharmacists deliver health services to patients with respect to their medications. In the community, pharmacist-provided services have been moving away from the traditional role of dispensing to cognitive services that maximize the patient's safe and effective use of medications. The current movement in medical care within the United States is to adopt a model that is patient-centric. The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) recognizes that "patient-centric" systems are evolving, in which the patient's well-being and responsibility for his or her own good health are defining treatment and operational policies."

This article was originally published in California Pharmacist, volume 59, issue 2, in 2012.

California Pharmacists Association
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Shah P, Goad JA, Mirzaian E, Durham M. Medication Therapy Management, Challenges: The Pharmacist’s Emerging Role. California Pharmacist. Vol LIX (2). Spring 2012.