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The Science of Prevention Strategies
Pharmacy Faculty Articles and Research
  • Rachel Abrishami, University of Tehran
  • Jeffery A. Goad, Chapman University
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"From newborn screening for Phenylkentonurea (PKU) and the birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine to prostate and breast cancer screening and pneumococcal immunization for older adults, the science of health maintenance is multi-tiered and spans the lifetime of an individual. Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies are used in concert with each other to enable healthcare professionals and their patients to sustain and improve the quality of life."

This article was originally published in California Pharmacist, volume 52, issue 1, in 2006.

California Pharmacists Association
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Abrishami, R and Goad, JA. The Science of Prevention Strategies. California Pharmacist 2006; 53(2): 38-41