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McNamara 2012 Leica SP5 inverted IRM - fringes in center - nice in corner
  • George McNamara

McNamara 2012 Leica SP5 inverted IRM - fringes in center - nice in corner.

Data acquired on a Leica SP5 confocal microscope (DMI 6000 stand), showing several odd behaviors involving somewhat circular fringes in reflection light images.

1. A bullsysye feature mars the center of the field of view.

2. The circular fringes are prominent in the center of the image - these is especially clear in the center 6x zoom image (imaged at oil-coverglass interface here).

3. the circular fringes are absent from some of the corners and edges at 6x zoom (imaged at oil-coverglass interface here). This was a CRITICAL DISCOVERY for me, because it implies that I will be able to offer IRM mode to my imagign core users.

4. The first three images, same field of view, coverglass-specimen (tissue) interface, show a bizarre effect of fringes appearing even in the corners - see bottom left - at 1x zoom, for the 1024x1024 pixel and 2048x2048 pixel image, but are "clean" at 4096x4096 pixel image. I find this completely bizarre: that lower resolution (1kx1k and 2kx2k) images have these fringes, but the higher resolution (4kx4k) does not. This really is data - visible in line graphs.

The LIF file is a subset of the entire experiment. The subset here illustrates the effects. The LIF file can be viewed in MetaMorph 7.7 with the File Open command - use the drop down list at the bottom of the dialog to select a specific image. The free Leica LAS AF Lite viewer program is available from

  • IRM,
  • confocal microscopy,
  • interference reflection contrast microscopy
Publication Date
Winter February 10, 2012
George McNamara, University of Miami. CC0 (Creative Commons copyright zero) - data cannot be copyrighted.
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George McNamara. "McNamara 2012 Leica SP5 inverted IRM - fringes in center - nice in corner" (2012)
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