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more FISH (1 of 4)
  • George McNamara

More Stellaris FRISH and GPU Deconvolution, 20140313Thur - part 1 of 4

Please see other content in the FISH Imaging section of

for details on the microscope. Briefly: Leica DMI6000 inverted microscope, SOLA lamp, Hamamatsu FLASH4.0 sCMOS camera, 100 nm XY, 200 nm Z pixels, 32 planes (16 um Z), MetaMorph 7.8 acquisition software.

Four zip files:

with two dataset (001, 002), raw and deconvolved using Bruce & Butte GPU deconvolution in Fiji ImageJ, (free download, as are all Optics Express papers).

Note: "001 raw" (bepress 43) contains my "imaging SOP" on doing this.

Data acquired in Prof. Laurence Cooper lab, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, with Ash Prabala and Nikhil Prabala.

  • Stellaris FISH,
  • GPU deconvolution
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Winter March 13, 2014
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George McNamara. "more FISH (1 of 4)" (2014)
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