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Tattletales and T-Bow Update 20140602Mon
  • George McNamara, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Tattletales and T-Bow Update 20140602Mon

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Tattletales: multiplex fluorescent protein biosensors by spatial localization with TALE-FPs, Cas9-FPs, ZF-FPs, LacI-FPs, TetR-FPs, etc.

T-Bow: Rainbow T-cells and Tumor cells (and ES cells, iPS cells, other cells and organisms). You can think of this as "Brainbow meets TALENs/Cas9/ZFNs/other DNA sequence specific binding proteins".

If not familiar with Brainbow, see

If not familiar with TALENs, Cas9, etc, see

Big idea: localizing fluorescent proteins - and/or Nano-Lanterns (Take Nagai) - to tandem repeat arrays - is a great way to improve signal to noise ratio compared to the usual "overexpressed FP smog" AND to multiplex saeveral biosensors and other reporters (ex: promoter bashing).

See Figure 4A of Robinett et al 1996 JCB

(freely available) for first example of "single locus" (256 element LacO tandem repeat array) using LacI-nls-GFP fusion protein (512 FPs at array, smog from overexpression).

In Nov 2013-Feb 2014 several labs have published TALE-FPs and Cas9-FPs, see the reference list in the enclosed PDF(s). Several mention patent applications: too bad for their bank accounts that Robinett et al's 1996 prior art, and my public disclosure in October 2013

makes TALE-FPs and Cas9-FPs obvious (my public disclosure being inspired by Robinett et al's publication). I suspect some "validated" FP-fusion cell lines will be patented - very likely can be duplicated in any biomedical research lab for a lot less than the licensing fees desired by the tech transfer folks.

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George McNamara. "Tattletales and T-Bow Update 20140602M" 2014

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"42" was originally posted 20150505 (May 5, 2014). On 20140602M (June 20, 2014, Monday) I updated a couple of files in the ZIP download. The FP Biosensors summary table is now at 130 entries. A presentation has been added that includes "Binary Tattletales Summary" (penultimate slide in the pdf file dated today).

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Spring June 2, 2014
Copyright is all well and good but the most important reason I have posted Tattletales and T-Bow is to encourage its use. If you repost, re-use, etc, this content, please "give credit where credit is due" - especially to Robinett et al 1996 JCB and the community of researchers who make their FP biosensors available to the research community (both academics and biotech/pharma) without licensing hassles.
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George McNamara. "Tattletales and T-Bow Update 20140602Mon" (2014)
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