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3B project data - raw TIFF series and cropped series
  • George McNamara, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Fluorescence microscopy data acquired for 3B Bayesian localization microscopy.

Settings: 100 nm XY pixel size. 50 millisecond exposures, MetaMorph stream acquisition mode (as fast as possible). Stellaris FISH mammalian cells labeled with Quasar 670 fluorophores, one molecule per 20mer FISH probe, ~48 probes to TOP1 mRNA (Topoisomerase 1).

More on the 3B project and Stellaris FISH data at

and at Susan Cox's web sites

  • 3B,
  • Bayesian localization
Publication Date
Winter February 4, 2014
Data cannot be copyrighted.
Citation Information
George McNamara. "3B project data - raw TIFF series and cropped series" (2014)
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