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Stellaris FISH workshop GADPH and DAPI Z-series
  • George McNamara

Stellaris FISH workshop GADPH and DAPI Z-series at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.

The zip file contains raw and GPU deconvolved image data from a workshop Biosearch Technologies conducted for MDACC researchers in December 2013. Image data was acquired on a Leica DMI6000 microscope with Lumencor SOLA light engine, DAPI and Cy5 filter cubes, Hamamatsu ORCA FLASH4.0 sCMOS camera (500 ms exposure time per plane for Quasar 670).

Pixel size 100 nm XY.

Z-step size 200 nm.

32 planes (power of 2 is optimal for GPU deconvolution). With 500 ms exposure time, the Quasar 670 GADPH FISH probes images to 16 seconds to acquire.

We used Bruce and Butte 2013 Optics Express GPU deconvolution. Each channel took 17-18 seconds to process using our new NVidia GeForce GTX TITAN GPU card (6 Gb GDDR5 ram).

I would love to see researchers/vendors post on your web sites, or send me data to post here at my bepress web site, on your deconvolution results, what settings you used, and how long did processing take.

  • single molecules,
  • Quasar 670,
  • DAPI,
  • FISH,
  • GPU deconvolution
Publication Date
Fall December 18, 2013
Data is not subject to copyright (in the USA at least).
Citation Information
George McNamara. "Stellaris FISH workshop GADPH and DAPI Z-series" (2013)
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