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geoexes - my DOS executables - use at your own risk
  • George McNamara, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

The downloadable ZIP file contains old Turbo Pascal programs I wrote. These ran in Microscoft DOS and in early Windows (ex. Windows 3.1) DOS shells. They may or may not work in recent (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7) cmd or command "shells". No warranty. Use at your own risk. I do not expect to ever program in Turbo Pascal again so if anyone wants to "take over" my old code (and adjust copyirght notices, warnings, etc), please email me. In particular, MATH.exe had 10,000 lines of pascal code in it. Another program is LUTSconv.exe which converted Fractint MAP lookup tables (and maybe NIH Image / ImageJ lookup tables?) into Image-1/AT and MetaMorph LUT files (I worked for 'the MetaMorph company' at the time I wrote it). No warranty. USE at your own risk.

  • DOS executables
Publication Date
Winter December 7, 2013
geoexe programs are posted without warranty. Programs were designed for Microsoft DOS and early Microsoft Windows DOS shells (Win3.1) and may not work in current (2013) Windows cmd or command shells. Any program may try to access hardware in such a way as to harm your computer. Use at your own risk.
Citation Information
George McNamara. "geoexes - my DOS executables - use at your own risk" (2013)
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