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Hamamatsu FLASH4.0 sCMOS exposure time series
  • George McNamara, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Hamamatsu FLASH4.0 scientific cMOS camera exposure time series are pairs of images of:

1 millisecond (00,001ms series)

10 millisecond (00,010ms series)

100 millisecond (00,100ms series)

1,000 millisecond (01,000ms series)

4,000 millisecond (04,000ms series)

10,000 millisecond (10,000ms series)

I also included:

* difference images (exposure 2 minus exposure 1 plus 100 intensity values).

* a series of eleven 1 second (1,000 ms) exposure time images in a multi-plane TIFF file (different images than the pair of 1,000ms images above).

* Stack Arithmetic: Median, Average, Minimum, Maximum, of the eleven plane series (Stack Arithmetic is a MetaMorph command).

These images were acquired with MetaMorph Imaging System 7.8 on a Leica DMI 6000 inverted microscope with no illumination. A box covered the eyepiece port (necessary because otherwise light leaks in through the eyepieces and reaches the camera, regardless of which direction the eyepieces-left camera port-right camera port is selected).

  • sMOS,
  • dark reference,
  • pixel gain
Publication Date
Summer August 28, 2013
Data are facts, facts cannot be copyrighted.
Citation Information
George McNamara. "Hamamatsu FLASH4.0 sCMOS exposure time series" (2013)
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