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Confocal blood vessel image series
  • George McNamara

3D reconstruction of a confocal microscope Z-series I acquired for Prof. Walter Laug and Mr. Vazgen Khankaldyyan, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), in 2002. Study was done with fluorescent tomato lectin to light up the blood vessels of a mouse brain that had a human U87MB tumor growing inside. Images were acquired on a Leica SP1 confocal microscope (10x objective lens).

3D "rocking back and forth" reconstruction was done with MetaMorph Imaging System.

Note: Dr. Laug retired from CHLA and later died from lung cancer (heavy smoker).

  • Cancer biology,
  • cell biology,
  • blood vessels
Publication Date
Fall October 16, 2002
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Citation Information
George McNamara. "Confocal blood vessel image series" (2002)
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