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Triplet cell division
  • George McNamara

U251t glioma cell division to triplets, acquired in 2005 by Prof. Laurence Cooper, Dr. Cludia Kowolik and George McNamara, at City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA, using CoH's Video Timelapse Light Microscopy Facility (VTLM). 3 hour video, one frame every two minutes.

Co-culture experiment of human T-cells (small, almost round, objects crawling around) with human U251t glioma cells that had been transfected with CD19 (excellent idea by Lisa Serrano, LC's lab manager).

3-way cell divisions are unusual.

  • Cancer biology,
  • cell biology
Publication Date
Winter November 10, 2005
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George McNamara. "Triplet cell division" (2005)
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